Real Service

Meet Sarah & Carly!

Yes we are real, lol and we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way!

We know how important it is that practitioners use their time to focus on patient care and not get bogged down in ordering supplies & finding ways to keep their waiting rooms full! We take care of it all for you!

Customers come first for us. Everything we do is designed to help our customers be smarter and more successful. We strive to make every interaction a customer has with us easy, convenient and straightforward. We offer many product choices to our customers so they can choose the right product for the natural variety of circumstances that arise every day. We value loyalty and long-term relationships.

We are available via phone 9-5pm Monday to Friday for anything you need, and if those times don't suit you, let us know & we will work something out. 

If email suits you best, let us know and we will ensure we don't bother you via phone!

If you're shopping online and want some quick help, we be online waiting for your chat!

We are located in Hallam, Victoria so if you are local would like some face to face service or simply want to save on shipping, we would love to see you!