Our Values

SmartPractice Core Values


Attitude of GRATITUDE

We show clear genuine appreciation to those we work with.
We find & share the positive lesson in every difficulty.

BELONGING to our Culture

We speak about core values daily.
We call 'JENGA' when we notice someone is off standard.

SERVICE with Heart

We go out of our way to make someone's day.

COMMUNICATION with Clarity, Consistency, & Care

We take responsibility & care for you our own communication.
We seek feedback to make sure our communication is understood.

CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE by making Today better than Yesterday

We encourage other to share ideas & knowledge.
We make sure all suggestions receive constructive consideration & acknowledgment.
We are open to and embrace change & challenges.

TEAM of TEAMS Stop, Collaborate & Listen!

We know the goals of the business & co operate to achieve this.
We seek t understand the challenges of each department & our impact on them.

Have FUN & get it Done

Our favourite ... of course!
We have fun & get it done, every day!